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1. Who needs to use

After the age of 30, the NAD+ concentration level inthe body continues to decline, causing body organs to age, body metabolismdisorders, sleep quality decline, and body function weakening, which leads tovarious problems in the body. Research shows that NMN products can successfullydelay or reduce the aging status.

2. Are NMN products a medicine? Will there be side effects?

NMN is not a medicine, which is an inherentsubstance in the body, and it changes continuously in two forms of NMN and NAD+ inside the human bodyonly the level decreases with age. Because it is not a foreignsubstance to the body, the use of pure NMN products generally does not haveside effects.

3. When is the best time to take NMN products?

It is recommended to take with an empty stomach when drinking water in themorning. If you need to stay active during work in the afternoon, you can takeit again at lunch. If the consuming of alcohol is necessary for your career,you can take it before drinking to strengthen the body's ability to metabolizealcohol.

4. What reaction can show in short-short after taking NMN products?

10 common effects that can be seen within two weeks of using NMN products:

1. Increased vitality

2. Improved sleeping quality

3. Speed up hair growth

4. Increased nail strength

5. Stable blood sugar

6. Stable blood pressure

7. Female hormone balance

8. Reduce constipation

9. Memory enhancement

10. Mood improvement

5. What are the physical reactions to taking NMN productsin long-term?

Stabilize and reduce metabolic diseases (such as blood sugar and bloodpressure problems); hair darkens and re-grows; skin whitening and spots; immunesystem is regulated, reducing the occurrence of colds; memory is enhanced,reducing the occurrence of Alzheimer's; vision improvement; muscle strengthincreasing, body Increase activity; reduce allergies.

6. if NMN products can be used while taking other health products ormedicines?

It can be used at the same time, because NMN is an inherent substance inthe body and will not affect the efficacy of other health care products ormedicines.

7. Is there a clinical report on NMN, and how many servings per day iseffective?

NMN was rated as a super molecule this year. Over the years, because of itsexpensive raw materials, it has only been widely used in the upper class. Asmore and more people are used, various countries have also invested in clinicalresearch. In the early stage, NASA (National Aeronautics and SpaceAdministration), used in space to reduce muscle atrophy under weightlessness.In April 2021, a clinical study in the United States proved that women taking250mg of NMN a day can improve glucose metabolism in human skeletal muscles.The results were published in the world-renowned "Science" magazine,causing uproar. For general health care purposes, it is recommended to200-300mg per day, which can be increased by observing changes in physicalconditions.

8. How to chooseNMN products?

Follow the stepsbelow:

1. Determinewhether the ingredient is β-NMN (β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide), and chooseβ-NMN with the β isomer marked.

2. Purity andcontent of NMN products containing impurities will affect its efficacy or mightleading to side effects.

3. Whetherenteric-coated intestinal sac, NMN component is easily destroyed by gastricacid, enteric-coated intestinal sac will protect NMN from intestinalabsorption.

4. The place oforigin, first choice with NMN products originated from Japan, because NMN islegally used in Japan, and Japanese health regulations require higher thanother countries. Followed by the European region.

5. Unilateral?Compound? If you only need NMN to bring the body effect and do not affect otherhealth products or medicines you are using, you can choose a singleprescription.

6. Price, becauseNMN raw material itself is expensive, if the price of the product is too low,please choose carefully.